A new concept of modern jewelry to reinterpret the elegant lines of an innovative bijoux.

Precious woods and natural stones, silver and gold, noble and non-noble materials, which come together and give life to unique collections.

Benny Ilardo designs and produces these extremely elegant and eclectic jewels in his workshop; contrasting colors mixed in sinuosity with the body to enhance the feminine beauty to the maximum.

The result of design, chromatic and functional studies, these jewels express the flair and elegance of those who create them and those who wear them, made for a modern woman who is attentive to taste, who sets no limits to beauty, flashy and confident. of itself.

The collections are designed following patterns that favor wearability, simplifying the shapes for a minimalist and precious jewel at the same time, unique and exclusively handcrafted.

Benny Ilardo Gioielli

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